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Website & Social Media Management Discounted Pricing For April 2020.

Our Competitors are going to hate us for this!!!

In today’s connected world, online & social media presence play a pivotal role in generating business along with the traditional means to promote the business. Our mission is to ensure we are able to assist businesses to leverage online & social media platforms & hence have curated our pricing to act as an enabler to success. Here’s a quick look over Website & Social Media Management deliverables.

Website Development & Maintenance

  1. A website with 6 pages will be created and handed over to you & the cost would range between $75.00 & $150.00 (One Time) Note – If the requirement for the website needs additional resources/software for completing the project, the costing can go beyond $150.00. Also, the domain name and hosting space will have to be purchased and provided to us.

  2. Basic website maintenance ranges between $50.00 and $150.00 Per Month.

  3. Full-scale website package – A basic 6-page website along with domain name and hosting & basic website maintenance would range between – First Month – $150.00$250.00 & Second Month Onward – $50.00$150.00

Social Media Management

  1. Listing & Verifying your business on Google My Business will be $50.00 (One Time)

  2. Social Media Account Creation – Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter – will be $50.00 Per Account Creation (One Time) (Drop us a line to discuss this further)

  3. Social Media Account Management  – Would be between $350.00 to $750.00 Per Month. A dedicated Account Manager to handle your social media accounts

We are an ”all under one roof” Virtual Assistance Team, who can do quite more than just Websites and Social Media Management.

List Of IT Services We Deliver: Pricing As Per The Requirement

  • Web Designing & Mobile App Development
  • Process & Marketing Automation – (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Customer CRM Development 

List Of Marketing Services We Deliver: $5.00/Hr/Virtual Assistant

  • Online Marketing – Google & Social Media Ads
  • Manual Ad Posting Online
  • Content Creation – Graphic Designing, 2D, 3D Animation & Video Productions 

List Of Admin Services We Deliver: $5.00/Hr/Virtual Assistant

  • Customer Support Over Phone & Emails & Chats
  • Book Keeping & Accounting
  • Transcribing & Video Editing & Typing & Proofreading
  • Data Analysis & Reporting & Visualization & Entry

If a quick call helps, do let us know & will love to talk to you. 

A Virtual Assistant in general can do more for an Entrepreneur & Early Age Start-Ups. Check out the list of tasks a virtual assistant can manage & our virtual/remote staffing solutions. Leave us a message & we’ll be glad to get on a quick call and discuss your requirements.Contact Us

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