Virtual Assistant for
Real Estate

Virtual Assistant for Real Estate

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Time is of the essence in every industry. It is even more important in the real estate industry. A real estate agent has multiple tasks where he/she is required to dedicate time. And when equal attention is dedicated to all such tasks, it can be a stressful juggling act. In this industry, one hardly has fixed working hours. Hence, when a real estate agent tries to accomplish everything by himself/herself, the time investment zooms up but the corresponding growth does not. This is where a real estate virtual assistant who is a remote worker can make a difference. The virtual assistant is capable of seamlessly assisting with a wide range of tasks and activities pertinent to the real estate industry.

Wondering how can a virtual assistant help your business or are you confused about what is the job of a virtual assistant? The list is exhaustive –

VA Real Estate

Transaction Coordinator

Ever considered hiring a Virtual Assistant to manage the tasks of a Transaction Coordinator? No? We understand. Click here to take a quick look at the Transaction Coordination tasks that an experienced VA can manage.

Time Management

Manage Your Time Better

A real estate agent is always on the move -
A. Showing properties to interested buyers.
B. Scheduling meetings with new prospects.
C. Searching for new leads, just to name a few.
While these are important tasks, a real estate agent’s time needs to be invested in meeting people/clients as that is the revenue driver. A real estate virtual assistant can help in the following ways -
a. He/She can help you schedule your day better.
b. Maximize your face time and help cover more meetings.
c. Research on new leads.

virtual assistant for real estate - Achievement

Help You Achieve More

By helping you manage your day better, the virtual assistant will help you achieve more -
A. He/she can schedule your appointments.
B. Remind you to ensure you do not miss any appointments.
C. Screen your incoming calls to ensure the most important calls are never missed.
D. Check your voicemails and call back the callers.
E. Check your inbox and respond to your emails.
F. Update information in the CRM.
G. Help you prepare a presentation.

Lead Pipeline

Generate A Lead Pipeline

Lead generation is the key to success in any business. This holds true for the real estate business well. A virtual assistant can help to generate leads by
A. Calling homeowners whose properties are in foreclosure.
B. Check with them if they have a realtor.
C. Scheduling appointments for the real estate agent to present his/her value proposition

Social Media Management

Manage Social Media Presence

The ever-evolving digital landscape has opened up a far larger opportunity for real estate agents to use social media platforms to showcase their value proposition. A real estate virtual assistant can help you manage your social media profiles by ensuring -
A. They are kept up to date.
B. Help you research for a blog post & even better write it for you.
C. With the current advent of digital marketing & its growing importance, they can also work on digital marketing.

Now that’s an exhaustive list of tasks/activities that a real estate virtual assistant can help a real estate agent. Do you need a virtual assistant services company that can help you prepare a mutually rewarding plan to outsource tasks to virtual assistant(s) or a virtual assistant team? Let’s Connect and we will assist you to make your business less tiresome.