Ever faced a situation where –


The development to deployment cycle has been painfully long


Your development and operations teams are not synced together


These issues have delayed the product role out


They have delayed a feature that your users have been waiting for.

In our experience, where we have worked with companies across industry niches; these struggles are real. And hence, we recommend that companies work with us to create a DevOps roadmap & stick to it from Day one. It reduces the time to market for your product, ensures your teams are in sync & increases their agility. In our journey, we have remained committed to using free and open-source software for our DevOps projects. This ensures our clients do not spend a fortune on paid tools which have the ability to make a project financially not viable.

And that’s why we’ve put together a list of DevOps tools which are free and open-source software. Let’s get started


The Holy Grail of CI/CD Automation. It is our weapon of selection for all continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) projects. It's abilities to handle a vanilla use case to the most advanced use case like pipeline as a code, convinced us this was the right tool for DevOps automation.


Fix “It works on my machine” issues. Any workload is a use case for Docker. Whether you are using just a few containers or several, it ensures your codes run in all environments. Cut back your debugging time and specialize in building a winning product.


Container Management Simplified - We picked Kubernetes above Docker Swarm for one of our projects. And we were convinced this is the future. Its capabilities for managing & scaling containers is unparalleled.


The Best amongst all configuration management platforms. When we found playbooks which we could reuse for all cloud workloads, we knew we had scored a winner.


Infrastructure as a code - Discovered while building a client solution, it was astonishingly simple. It's the ability to provide a one command infrastructure deployment & still remain cloud-agnostic, make it one of the best open-source tools.


Underdog of logging and monitoring. It can work with terabytes of data and will not throw in the towel. And that's why we made it our go-to tool for logging and monitoring solution. An easy-to-use tool that supports every feature a highly-priced paid tool can offer.

Do you need a company which is a DevOps specialist that is able to do the heavy lifting of development & deployment while you are focused on building a market winning product? Let’s Connect!