Call Answering Services

Just Pay $0.30 Per Call, We Make or Take For Your Business

Call Answering Services

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Now don’t miss a single Call/Text/Email/Chat from a potential customer.

We have trained and experienced Virtual Assistants in the house to receive these customer inquiries for you. And you just pay us per interaction we accomplish.  We will give you call answering services for as low as:



We make and take calls for your business. We don't charge for any spam or hoax or unwanted solicitation call or any other call as per the guidelines laid by you initially.

SMS / Text


We send out or respond to the texts for your business using our number. If you would like us to use your number, then we would need to talk a separate pricing.

Email & Chat

$0.10/Email & Chat

We respond to emails and chats your business receive using your company domain email or social media accounts.

The offer doesn’t have any Hidden fees – No Monthly Minimums & No Call Minutes or Time Limitation* or Contracts.

*Fair Usage Policy – We abide by this policy to ensure we are able to provide this service at the lowest possible rates.

How Do We Do It:

call answering services

Inbound Calls

You would forward your calls to one of the numbers we provide you and we get to receive any call that lands on the number, in case we miss a call, we would return it within 15 Minutes.

Outbound Call

Outbound Calls

We can mask our numbers to be displaying your business number to your customers or leads, for a fixed monthly cost of $50, and if that's not a compulsion then we can use our available numbers to make the outbound calls at no extra cost than per call pricing we already have.

Call Answering services

Emails & Chat

You would have to give us the access to your chat panel or company email, for us to use it and respond to the inquiries.

How Do You Pay ?

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We would share the call/text logs and the email/chat reports along with the invoice for the week on Saturday Morning. and we would expect you to clear the invoice by Monday or Max by Tuesday of the following week.

Payments Via Debit/Credit will cost an additional 3% of the total amount.
Payments made via ACH Bank Transfer are Free

Let’s Make Awesome Things, Together.

We are a 24x7x365 Days running Virtual Assistants Company catering to the businesses from almost all the niches:

• E-commerce, Drop-shipping & Private Labelled Products
• Transportation & Logistics
• Event Management

• SAAS – Advertising Agencies (Online Marketing)
• Home Improvement Services
• Recruitment Agencies

• Real Estate & Property Management, & Vacation Rental
• Accounting & Book Keeping
• IT & ITES Services

Do you need a partner who can help you prepare a mutually rewarding plan to outsource tasks to virtual assistants? Contact us and we will assist you to make your business less tiresome.

A Virtual Assistant in general can do more for an Entrepreneur & Early Age Start-Ups. Check out the list of tasks a virtual assistant can manage & our virtual/remote staffing solutions. Leave us a message & we’ll be glad to get on a quick call and discuss your requirement.