October 28, 2016


No matter where you selling, consumers are always comfortable paying with their credit cards. And the process becomes a lot easier if they have an option to make it to a local merchant provider.

Which means if you are not a resident, the sales might not come in simply.



We support a lot of non-resident businesses which sell to the US and UK-based consumers.


PC/Tech Support Service Providers:

We provide High-Risk US Payment Gateway with 70% payouts to the non-resident centers running PC/Tech Support services.

We provide you with all the tools that you would need to make your lives easy and in turn comfort the customers that you serve.

We like to maintain transparency throughout the transaction. Hence, we provide the centers with the tools with which they can monitor the transactions live.

We don’t hold any funds and we don’t keep any reserves.

We let all the centers follow a flow that helps them to avoid any chargebacks from the consumers.
The payment cycle is every Tuesday latest by Wednesday Morning for all the transactions that you bring in from Monday through Saturday.

Please contact us via email or phone and we will set you up immediately. HAPPY SELLING!!! 🙂